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 Your Best Job Security:
The Ability to Get Things Done

Are you an Effective Executive?

A Productivity Evaluation and Self-Monitoring Approach

Use our assessments and research-proven online techniques to overcome procrastination, distractibility and disorganization to become:

  • more focused,
  • more organized and accountable,
  • less crisis-driven,
  • better at managing direct reports, deadlines and priorities, and
  • more balanced in your work and personal life.

Use our online Effective Executive Program to harness the power of your mind:

  • establish the daily structure that frees you to be more creative
  • establish new working habits that take away the stress of deadlines
  • bring enjoyment and enthusiasm back to your work
  • use emotional intelligence to guide and inspire your direct reports
  • monitor and tie your daily activity to key performance indicators so that you can measure your progress

Ann Wycoff, Ph.D.
Stephen Parker, Ph.D.

Do your business systems maximize your organization's effectiveness?

A Technology Systems Approach

 Optimizing business systems and then creating technology solutions to support them can achieve amazing results. 

Our Technology Systems Approach involves first optimizing, and then automating:

  • Policies, processes and procedures
  • Workflows
  • Measurement systems, information systems and dashboards

A Human Resource Systems Approach

Changes in leadership style, business processes and technology systems need the support of the people in your organization to be successful.  We can provide change management consulting and human resource systems (i.e., performance management systems, compensation systems, hiring systems, etc.) to ensure that your personal and organizational changes take hold and succeed.